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Updated: Mar 31, 2020




The M.S.A.D.#60 Board of Directors recognizes the value of student learning outside the public school system. The purpose of this policy is to accommodate students who are making a serious effort to develop high-level capabilities and to allow them to be involved in programming that is either not offered by the school district or is at an advanced level beyond that offered by the school district.

Noble High School Students may receive up to a total of four non-grade bearing elective credits for courses or programs experienced in non-school settings.  These credits may not replace graduation requirements. These experiences must:

  1. Be pre-approved by the school principal, parent, and subject area coordinator

  2. Be taught and supervised by a qualified, licensed professional or certified instructor

  3. Reflect more than 120 hours of direct instruction and/or participation for one credit (60 hours for a ½ credit.)

  4. Be verified in writing by the instructor or coach

  5. Have a product/portfolio review and approval by the subject area coordinator.

Credits may be earned in:

Health:  Students may receive 1/2 credit for Health related training such as an Emergency Responder (Fire or Rescue)

Fine Arts: One Fine Arts credit may be granted to students participating in a formal music, dance, ballet, theater, or art program beyond those offered by Noble High School.

Physical Activities:  ½ credit for Personal Fitness may be granted for activities not offered at NHS such as: Martial Arts, competitive skiing or snowboarding, AAU sports, competitive swimming, Gymnastics, Equestrian, Tennis, or Scuba which meet the requirements listed above. Passage of a fitness test administered by the Phys. Ed. Department is required.  


Foreign Language: Students may receive up to two elective credits for a language not offered by Noble High School. To determine proficiency, MSAD#60 will use the SAT administered by the College Board, the STAMP assessment, or tests administered by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL).

Other:  Students may receive one elective credit for participating in a leadership program such as Junior ROTC, or People to People OR in an unpaid apprenticeship/internship in a vocational trade. Activities used to meet the community service requirement may not be used for credit.

Adopted: April 29, 2010


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