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Welcome to Noble 2030

MSAD #60's Strategic Plan

Our Mission

We empower all students to develop enthusiasm for learning, foster confidence through successes and failures, provide service to others, and achieve their personal, social, and academic best, leading to fulfilling and engaged lives for all.

The Road to 2030

Click through the slideshow to see the start of our journey!

Through a wide range of communication techniques, we will broaden meaningful, active interactions among students, parents and community/business partners to enhance diverse learning opportunities for all students, staff and community members.

Our goal: to be the heart of our Noble community.

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Community Engagement


We commit to a continued focus on recruiting, retaining and supporting highly qualified, effective and dedicated team members who will educate, support and inspire students. We are committed to providing clean, safe facilities and learning environments. We will continuously assess curriculum, support services, processes, and resource allocation.

High Quality Resources

Creating a safe school experience requires a comprehensive approach that addresses both the physical environment as well as the physical and social-emotional well-being of all.

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School Safety

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All learners deserve the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for a successful future. MSAD 60 is committed to providing a comprehensive clearly communicated system of pathways and supports to allow all to reach their goals.

Pathways to success

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