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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Code:  KA


It is the intent of the school board to promote mutual respect, civility and orderly conduct among district employees, parents and the public.  It is not the intent of the school board to deprive any person of his or her right to freedom of expression. The intent of this policy is to maintain, to the greatest extent reasonably possible, a safe, harassment-free environment for teachers, students, administrators, staff, parents and other members of the community.  The school board encourages positive communication and discourages volatile, hostile or aggressive communications or actions.

1. Expected level of behavior:

* School and district personnel will treat parents and other members of the public with courtesy and respect.  Parents and visitors will treat teachers, administrators and other district employees with courtesy and respect.

2. Unacceptable/disruptive behavior:

* Disruptive behavior includes, but is not necessarily limited to:  behavior which interferes with or threatens to interfere with the operation of a classroom, an office area, and areas of a school or facility open to parents/guardians and the general public.

* Using loud and/or offensive language, swearing, cursing or display of temper.

* Threatening to do bodily or physical harm to a teacher, school administrator, school employee or student, regardless of whether or not the behavior constitutes or may constitute a criminal violation.

* Damaging or destroying school or school board property.

* Any other behavior that disrupts the orderly operation of a school, classroom or any other school board facility.

* Abusive, threatening or obscene e-mail or voice mail messages.

3. Parent recourse:

* Any parent who believes he/she was subject to unacceptable/disruptive behavior on the part of any staff member should bring such behavior to the attention of the staff member’s immediate supervisor.

4. Authority of school personnel:

* Authority to direct persons to leave school board premises:

Any individual who (1) disrupts or threatens to disrupt school district operations: (2) threatens or attempts to do or does physical harm to school board personnel, students or others lawfully on a school or school controlled function; (3) threatens the health or safety of students, school board personnel or others lawfully on a school or school controlled function;  (4) intentionally causes damage to school, school board property or property of others lawfully on a school campus or school controlled function; (5) uses loud or offensive language or who, without authorization, comes on a school or other school board facility, may be directed to leave the school or school controlled function by a school’s principal or assistant principal, or in their absence a person who is lawfully in charge of the school or any district level administrator, including superintendent of schools.  If the person refuses to leave the premises as directed, the administrator or other authorized personnel shall seek the assistance of law enforcement and request that law enforcement take such action as is deemed necessary.

Authority to deal with persons who are verbally abusive. If any member of the public uses obscenities or speaks in a demanding, loud, insulting and/or demeaning manner, the employee to whom the remarks are directed shall calmly and politely warn the speaker to communicate civilly.  If the verbal abuse continues, the employee to whom the remarks are directed may, after giving appropriate notice to the speaker, terminate the meeting, conference or telephone conversation. If the meeting or conference is on school or school board premises, any employee may request that an administrator or other authorized person direct the speaker to promptly leave the premises.  If the person refuses to leave, the director or other authorized personnel shall seek the assistance of law enforcement and request that law enforcement takes such action as is deemed necessary.  If the employee is threatened with personal harm, the employee may contact law enforcement.

Adopted:  October 4, 2001

Revised ; December 17, 2015


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