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Hussey Auditorium Event Requirements

Please complete this form and review it with the Auditorium Manager at least two weeks before your event. Attach any additional info that will explain your setup.


Contact Name: _______________________ Contact E-Mail: _______________________

Space Needs:

Closed curtain (No use of the stage behind the main curtain)

Entire stage (please attach diagrams or photos of you setup)

Dressing rooms

Box office Dates/times

Orchestra pit (Set up fees will apply)

Cafeteria (Separate booking necessary)

Equipment Needs:

_____ Stage Lighting

_____ PA / Sound System

_____ Microphone(s) Number: __________ Type: __________

_____ Microphone Stand(s) Number: __________ Type: __________

_____ CD Player

_____ Cassette Player

_____ Projection Screen

_____ Digital Projector

_____ Piano ($25.00 upright)

_____ Piano ($50.00 baby grand)

_____ Piano Tuning (at lessee’s expense)

_____ Band Platforms 8” Tall: __________ 16” Tall: __________ 24” Tall: __________

_____ Choral Risers Number of Sections: __________ [Max. 8 sections; 3 step or 4 step]

_____ Conducting Podium

_____ Speaking Podium

_____ Music Stands Number: __________

_____ Black Plastic Chairs Number: __________

_____ Red Fabric Chairs (max. 10) Number: __________

_____ Acoustical Shell

_____ Additional Requests (Please Specify):

Required Services:

_____ Lighting Operator

_____ Sound Operator

_____ Stage Manager

_____ Fly Operator

_____ Light, Sound, or Other Equipment Setup

_____ Light, Sound, or Other Equipment Breakdown

_____ Ushers

Services of the Event Manager are $30.00 per hour. Services for tech support are $15.00 per hour.

These charges will be added to your total bill.


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