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Updated: Mar 30, 2020



I. Use of District owned vehicles

District-owned vehicles shall be for official use only and shall be properly marked. Vehicles owned by the district may not be used for personal purposes. There are employees who are authorized to commute to and from work in a district vehicle for bona fide noncompensatory business reasons. Each employee having the use of such a vehicle shall have included in his or her gross income a value for commuting as required by law.

II. Use of Tools and Equipment

Personal or commercial use of school property and equipment on or off district premises is prohibited.

School and district equipment, including tools, computers, copiers, fax machines, and other technical equipment shall be operated only by authorized personnel for education-related purposes.

  1. Copy machines may not be used for any volume work that is not school or district related. Employees may use district copy machines to make a maximum of five (5) copies for non-school use provided that the copies are made outside of contract hours and paid for at the standard commercial rate.

2. Employees shall not produce personal materials using school or district equipment without express authorization in writing from the principal or immediate supervisor. The employee making the request for use of district equipment accepts full and unconditional responsibility for any equipment damage and/or loss and will reimburse the district within a reasonable time for the applicable repair/replacement cost. All authorized personal use of equipment by employees shall take place outside of regular contract hours.

3. Incidental personal use of computers/laptops is permitted per policy GCSA Employee Computer and Internet Use Policy and policy GCSA Employee Computer and Internet Use Policy Rules.

A. Employees using District tools and equipment must use all safety devices associated with any tool or piece of equipment and observe OSHA regulations.

B. The employee is to use tools and equipment in an appropriate and safe manner.

C. The employee will report any problems to the supervisor and abide by any maintenance schedules.

D. Reckless use, deliberate abuse, or sabotage of District tools or equipment is prohibited and will subject the offender to disciplinary actions.

Adopted: September 24, 2009

Revised: February 6, 2020


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