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Updated: Mar 31, 2020



As defined in Maine Department of Education rules, “curriculum” means MSAD #60’s written document that sets forth the learning expectations for all students for all content areas of Maine’s system of Learning Results, as well as for other content areas as specified by the Board. 

The MSAD #60’s curriculum shall reflect continuous, sequential and specific instruction aligned with the content areas of the Learning Results including the knowledge and skills described in the “Parameters for Essential Instruction” and the “Guiding Principles” of the Learning Results.

Through its curriculum, the schools will provide courses and/or learning experiences that support multiple pathways for learning, accommodate variety of learning styles, provide multiple options for students to demonstrate proficiency, and prepare students for responsible citizenship and success in a global society.

The Board recognizes that curriculum development, review and evaluation is an ongoing process, and that programs and practices may need to be adjusted or revised to meet educational standards, to reflect community aspirations and values, and to serve the best interests of students.

In development, revision and evaluation of curriculum, the Board expects that:

         A. School administrators and staff will be sensitive to initiatives such as the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, and other changing conditions that may require modifications in curriculum.

         B. All programs will be subject to ongoing review and evaluation to ensure that they meet the instructional needs of students.

         C. The school system will undertake intensive curriculum revision as needed.

         D. The Superintendent/designee will take the lead in the ongoing curriculum development and review process and in aligning the alignment of curriculum with educational standards and with advances in knowledge, educational research and “best practices.”

         E. Curriculum development and revision will be achieved with appropriate involvement of administrators, instructional and support staff, students, parents, community and the Board.

MSAD #60’s curriculum shall reflect continuous, sequential and specific instruction aligned with the content areas of the Learning Results knowledge and skills and the 21st Century Learning Expectations.

The Board will review and adopt (approve) all curriculum guides, course descriptions and courses of study prior to their implementation.

The Superintendent/designee is expected to develop plans and timelines as necessary for the development, implementation and evaluation of the curriculum.

The Superintendent is expected to make recommendations to the Board, consistent with Board policy, in regard to professional development, instructional materials and the resources needed for curriculum implementation.

The Superintendent will report annually, or as otherwise requested, to the Board on the status of the curriculum.

Legal Reference:   20-A M.R.S.A. §§ 1001(6), 4701-4729, 6209

                                 Me. Dept. of Ed. Rule Chapters 125, 127

Cross Reference:  ADF-School Unit Commitment to the Learning Results

                                 IHA–Basic Instructional Program

                                 IJJ-Instructional and Library-Media Materials Selection     

                                 IL–Evaluation of Instructional Programs

Adopted:   September 22, 2016


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