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Statement of Purpose:

Noble High School belongs to the people of Berwick, North Berwick and Lebanon.  The MSAD #60 Board of Directors wishes to make all school facilities available to the community for educational, cultural, and civic events.

Recognizing that those using and enjoying our school buildings will be if all ages and will include school aged children and their siblings, and recognizing that our school buildings are educational settings, our school buildings may not be used by individuals or groups that advocate illegal activities, that engage in sexually explicit, indecent, or lewd conduct or speech, or that otherwise threaten to be materially and substantially disruptive.

Noble High School and its associated programs shall have first priority for use.  Second priority for use shall include all other public schools in the district. In addition, the Board wishes to make all school facilities available to organizations, municipal groups, and individuals within the district that wish to sponsor appropriate civic, cultural, educational, or recreational activities.  Activities sponsored by outside groups should not be scheduled if they interfere with the conduct of school programs. However, once any application for facilities use has been approved and the rental obligation met, the booking is considered secure.

Procedure for Securing Use:

A. Any individual or group wishing to use Noble High School facilities must complete a Request for Use Form and submit it with required deposit to the facilities manager at the high school.

B. The facilities manager(s) will give scheduling priority to Noble High School programs and those programs benefiting its students.  All other individuals or groups will be given scheduling priority as listed under categories of users. All building use forms will be approved by the high school administration before booking is secure.

C. Request for Use forms must be completed at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled event.  Advance requests will be honored with consideration given to the school district's annual use and will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

D. Use of equipment (i.e. projection equipment, sports equipment) will be booked through the facilities manager(s).  Use of equipment is dependent on availability and rental charges may be applied.


The Superintendent of Schools, or his/her designee, is the ultimate authority in all matters relating to rental of facilities.

Categories of Use (Listed in order of priority):

1. Noble High School organizations and associated programs (no extra custodial, rental, or technical fees will be charged.

2. Public schools and their school related organizations within the MSAD #60 School District;

3. Municipal organizations and educational organizations within the three town community school district;

4. Non-profit organizations;

5. For-profit and private organizations for activities and functions appropriate to a school setting.


The lessee shall provide a certificate of insurance up to the amount of $5,000,000.000 covering the period under contract if required by the facilities manager.  The insurance shall name the MSAD #60 District as additional insured. Generally, a certificate of insurance will be required if a fee is charged for public entertainment and the event is not sponsored by a local school organization or town government organization (North Berwick, Berwick, Lebanon).


A rental deposit is required for non-profit and for-profit organizations.  The deposit will be one quarter (1/4) of the applicable fee.

Damages and Losses:

The lessee is financially responsible for any damage to the facilities.  Noble High School is not responsible for loss or damage of articles brought to the facility.

Custodial Services:

Custodial services are required for all events in which the building will be utilized.  The basic service will be to unlock doors, provide necessary equipment, and clean and secure the facility following use.  All equipment to be moved must be done so under the supervision of the custodian.

Event Manager:

Any use of a facility which involves specialized equipment such as the cafeteria/kitchen for food preparation; lighting and sound in the auditorium; exercise equipment in the gymnasiums; computers in the laboratories, etc. will require the employment of an Event Manager trained and approved by the high school administration.  The Event Manager will instruct and supervise the use of such equipment. Cost of the employment of the Event Manager will be in addition to rental costs.

Supervision of Facilities:

The lessee is responsible for supervision of those attending the event.  Where required by the school administration or by state/local regulations, police protection must be provided at the lessee's expense.

Substance Use:

Alcohol possession or consumption and use of tobacco products are prohibited anywhere on school property and grounds.

Cancellation of an Event:

The MSAD #60 Superintendent of Schools of his/her designee has sole authority to determine whether the facilities should be closed for reasons of public safety.  Notification will be made as soon as possible.

Contracts in force for periods during which the school is closed for reasons of public safety are cancelled automatically without penalty to either party.  However, every effort will be made to reschedule any canceled event to a mutually acceptable date.

Long-Term Use:

Long-Term facilities use will be considered to be two or more successive weeks.  Long-term rental of facilities will be considered after it is first ascertained that there will be no detriment to existing programs from this use.  If space is available without detriment, space may be rented to groups whose activities are most consistent with the other activities taking place in the building.  Therefore, service agencies, educational groups, and youth oriented activities would have preferences.

Rental fees will be established that cover operation costs of these spaces (i.e. lights, heat, maintenance, insurance).  If a profit-making group wishes to rent available space, the rental fee should be consistent with the going rate for comparable square footage (to be determined through consultation with local realtors).  The rental of a classroom by an individual private school shall be at a rate established by the Board. Individual contracts for the use and duration of the rental agreement should be prepared by the Superintendent of Schools and presented to the Board for their action.

Adopted: October 4, 2001

Revised: October 17, 2019


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