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It is the belief of the M.S.A.D. #60 Board of Directors that close communication is vital for a successful reintegration of students who have been absent for an extended period of time for the following circumstances.  Therefore students who are absent for an extended period due to incarceration, substance abuse treatment, or hospitalization for a physical or mental health issue are required to attend a re-entry meeting with their parent(s) and school staff prior to returning to school.  Students dismissed from school to obtain a risk assessment for concerns involving harm to themselves or others also require a re-entry meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that the school is prepared to best meet the needs of the student. These meeting will include the student’s parent(s), an administrator, counselor, nurse, and other school staff as needed.  Meetings are required following:

A long-term suspension for circumstances that warrant a re-entry plan

Substance abuse treatment

A hospitalization for any medical or physical ailment requiring accommodations (change in medication, mobility, accessibility, etc.)

A hospitalization for a mental health issue

A risk assessment

An incarceration

Please call your child’s Dean, Assistant Principal, or Guidance Counselor to schedule the re-entry meeting prior to your child returning to school.  Parents are asked to bring any relevant information (discharge summary, physician recommendations) needed to develop a successful re-entry plan. Students will not be allowed to return to school or attend school sponsored events until the re-entry meeting is held.

Adopted:     January 5, 2012


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