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This form must be submitted to the Office of the Principal for approval one month in advance of the proposed fundraising activity. Please see attached the electronic Student Fundraising Policy JJE and Sales Of Foods In Competition With the School Food Service Program Policy EFE.

Name of group, team or organization: Date submitted:

Advisor: Signature:

Contact person: Phone number:

How these funds will be used:

Are contracted services required? Yes No Company:

Person authorizing expenditures:

Location of fundraiser:

Has a building use form been completed and approved? Yes No NA

Note: All funds raised must be deposited in the School Activity Account as soon as possible.

Name of the account and the account #:

Person responsible for making the deposit(s):

Describe the proposed fundraising activity:

Describe the educational purpose of the proposed activity (How does it support the MSAD #60 curriculum?)

Date(s) (beginning and ending):

People involved in the fundraiser: students parents other (explain):

Projected amount to be raised:

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Approved by Principal: Date:

Approved by A.D. (if related to athletics): Date:

Rejected - reason(s):

Conflicts with other fundraising events

Does not meet one month application deadline

Interferes with the educational program

Requires mandatory student participation

Inadequate supervision

Requires door to door solicitation

Financial commitment was made before approval

Does not comply with federal, state or local laws

Violates district nutritional guidelines

Places an undue burden on the community or local businesses

Requires alteration or addition to district facilities (requires Superintendent's approval)


cc: Business Manager

Cross Reference:

JJE Student Fundraising Activities

KF- Community Use of School Facilities

KFA- Facilities Use Fee Schedule and Contract

KFB - High School Facilities Use

KF-E1 Facilities Form

Adopted: January 16, 2020

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