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Thank You MSAD #60

June 30, 2020

Good day NOBLE Nation,

As the last stretch of my superintendent leadership role comes to a close, I want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to, appreciation for, and well wishes to each of you. The last eight years provided me with an educational home that exceeded my hopes when I joined the district in 2012. I found so many kind and friendly people, hard workers, and just plain good folks that I could not have imagined ending my career elsewhere.

Over four decades in Maine Schools… I’ve learned during some of my experiences with some educational leaders how to lead. My mentor Alan Hawkins, who recently passed away, is certainly the number one person I wish to thank. Alan was all about relationship building, as he knew everything else would fall into place. I also learned from some of my past experiences how not to lead, and those lessons were equally as valuable. When I first considered administration 25 years ago, I had guidelines I promised myself I would follow:

  • Greet everyone you pass by, and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

  • Show people you genuinely care about them.

  • Be willing to do the hard things. Afterall, anyone can do the easy things.

  • Exemplify a strong work ethic, one aimed at continuous improvement.

  • Remember… It’s about the kids, stupid! (Referring to myself)

COVID-19 has thrown a significant obstacle into all of our paths. None of us wanted the school year to end as it did, and I never could have imagined this would be how my career would end. Please remember, if you have a lemon, make a lemonade! (Carnegie) As I listen to regional superintendent stories about the last twelve weeks, I am proud to have been in NOBLE where things seemed to go a little bit better for most people.

In closing, thank you all for the opportunity to get to know you. I wish you well and hope our paths will cross again. I am so pleased to leave you in the good hands of Ms. Audra Beauvais. STAY NOBLE!

Best wishes,

Steve Connolly

Soon-To-Be Retired MSAD #60 Superintendent


Steve Connolly



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