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Updated: Feb 6, 2020



Proper retention of school records is essential to conduct the business of the schools, to protect the legal interests of the schools, students and employees, and to comply with state law and regulations concerning document retention.  It is also important for purposes of efficiency and management of physical and digital storage resources that unneeded records be disposed of on a timely basis.

The Board will comply with all applicable laws and rules concerning the routine retention, storage and disposal of records, as well as its preservation obligation when litigation is threatened or pending.  The Superintendent is responsible for implementing this policy and for developing appropriate administrative procedures and guidelines for managing school department records consistent with the applicable laws and rules.  The Superintendent may delegate specific responsibilities to administrators or other school staff as he/she deems appropriate.

Employees shall be informed of this policy and the accompanying procedures/guidelines through a means determined by the Superintendent and are expected to comply with them.

Legal Reference: 5 M.R.S.A.§ 91 et. Seq.

Maine State Archives Rules Chapter 10 (Rules for Disposition of Local Government Records.

Maine Department of Education Rule Chapter 125 (Basic School Approval Rules)

Cross Reference: JRA – Student Education Records and Information

GCSA – Employee Computer and Internet Use

Adopted: January 13, 2011


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