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Updated: Mar 31, 2020



It is the intent of the Board that all students receive appropriate instruction in a progressive and sequential manner.  Therefore, the grade placement of each student will be made on an individual basis, understanding that the level of instruction at each grade is not a single level of instruction but rather a series of levels intended to meet the individual learning needs of student assigned to that grade level.

In some cases, a student may benefit from an additional year at his or her current school.  The transition from one building to another can be particularly challenging for students who have experienced academic difficulties.  As required by Maine Chapter 127, M.S.A.D. #60 is developing a Local Assessment System consisting of common grade level assessments and classroom indicators to measure progress toward grade level standards. Promotion from grade to grade will be based on progress towards these standards. Students who are not making adequate progress will not be promoted to the next grade level building unless there are extenuating circumstances, (a learning disability, the numbers of times a student has already been retained, etc.). These decisions will be considered on an individual basis using a team approach. Team members may include teachers, specialists, and administrators who have worked with the student, and the student's parents/guardians. If consensus is not reached regarding grade level assignments, it shall fall upon the principal to make the final decision.  Students who have been retained who show evidence of catching up and meeting the standards may be eligible for promotion during the school year.

All M.S.A.D. #60 schools provide a range of supplemental services in reading, writing, and math.  A plan for continuation of supplemental services and interventions (such as summer school, after school programs, etc.) will be established to assist students in meeting grade level standards.

Parents will be notified as early as possible that retention is being considered.  Parents dissatisfied with any placement decision may appeal to the Superintendent of Schools.

Legal Reference: CH. 125.23, B, 5, 1 (Maine Dept. of Ed. Rule)

Cross Reference: IK - Academic Achievement

Adopted: March 12, 1987

Revised: February 1, 2001

Revised: April 3, 2003

Revised: May 30, 2014


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