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Updated: Nov 22, 2021



The Board of Directors welcomes the public and media to all of its regular and special meetings.

The Board of Directors desires to hear the viewpoints of its District’s citizens, and therefore, may provide Public Input item on its agenda for this purpose. To enable the public to make statements to the Board in an orderly and efficient manner, the Board has adopted the following rules for Public Input:

A. Public Input is the only time provided in the agenda when members of the public may speak before the Board, subject to the limitations herein and the Chairperson’s authority over the meeting. The Chairperson may, at his or her sole discretion, allow a member of the public to speak outside of Public Input.

B. Public Input must be expressed politely and respectfully, focused on issues, and not personalized. Sources may be required for numerical and other claims.

C. If a group wishes to be heard under Public Input, it must be represented by a spokesperson. The Chairperson can decide if anyone else can speak for the group.

D. When recognized by the Chairperson, the speaker will stand, give their name, and state their reason for speaking. The recognized person will then have three minutes in which to make a statement to the Board.The statement must be factual to the best knowledge of the speaker, to the point, and delivered in an orderly and respectful manner. The Board will not debate with the speaker.

E. The Chairperson will decide whether a statement is appropriate for Public Input. The Chairperson has the power to withdraw recognition of a speaker, if the Chairperson determines a statement is inappropriate for Public Input.

F. Statements concerning subject matter that falls under the law regarding Executive Sessions (for example, matters involving personnel, contract negotiations, or that could cause public embarrassment for an individual or group) cannot be made during Public Input. Such statements must first be brought to the Chairperson or Superintendent privately.

Adopted: January 10, 1991

Revised: October 19, 2000

Revised: May 2, 2013

Revised: November 18, 2021


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