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Updated: Mar 31, 2020



The MSAD #60 Board of Directors supports overnight activities for students if they serve an educational purpose, are well planned and are considered safe for all involved.

Overnight activity requests have to carry the support of the building principal and should be turned in to the Superintendent in writing a minimum of three weeks prior to the proposed activity.

If the request is routine, then the Superintendent will use his/her discretion in making the decision as to approve or not to approve.

If, in the judgment of the Superintendent the request is not routine, then he/she will discuss the request with the Board Chairperson and they will decide whether:  1) it be approved; 2) it not be approved; or 3) it be placed on the upcoming agenda for a Board decision.

The Superintendent will inform the Board of approved overnight activities at the next regularly scheduled meeting after it has been approved.

Adopted: June 6, 1996

Revised: February 1, 2001 

Revised: June 1, 2017


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