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Updated: Feb 4, 2021



The following requirements must be satisfied before an AAT dog will be allowed in school buildings or on school district property.


A visiting handler who wishes to bring an AAT dog on school district property shall submit a completed written request form (IMGB-E) to the Superintendent or the Superintendent's designee, for approval. Such approval may be rescinded at any time at the sole discretion of the Superintendent. Once the Superintendent or the Superintendent's designee approves the request, a plan for dog visits shall be developed with the Building Principal or the Principal's designee.

Training and Registration

All handlers shall submit proof of registration as an AAT dog handler with each individual AAT dog. Such registration shall be from an AAT dog registering organization as approved by the Superintendent. The registration shall remain current and in good standing at all times.

Health and Vaccination

All handlers shall submit proof from a licensed veterinarian that the AAT dog is in good health and has been immunized against diseases common to dogs. Such vaccinations shall be kept current and up-to-date at all times.


All handlers shall submit proof of licensure from their local dog licensing authority.


The visiting handler must submit a copy of an insurance policy that provides liability coverage for the work of the visiting handler and AAT dog while the two are on school district property. The visiting handler will submit the Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1 million General Liability coverage with $2 million aggregate and naming MSAD 60 as an additional insured. Approved MSAD 60 AAT dogs are covered by District insurance.

Once a handler has been approved by the Superintendent to bring an AAT dog on school district property, such handler shall adhere to the rules of his/her registering organization and the following rules of the school district.


The visiting AAT dog shall wear appropriate identification issued by the registering organization identifying them as an AAT dog.

Health and Safety

All handlers shall ensure that the AAT dog does not pose a health and safety risk to any student, employee, or other person at school and that the AAT dog is brought to the school district only when properly groomed, bathed, free of illness or injury and of the temperament appropriate for working with children and others in the schools. The Building will alert all staff, students and families of the expected presence of the AAT dog.


The visiting handler shall ensure that the AAT dog wears a collar or harness and a leash no longer than four feet and shall maintain control of the AAT dog by holding the leash at all times that the AAT dog is on school district property, including during breaks, unless holding such leash would interfere with the AAT dog's safe, effective performance of its work or tasks; however, the handler shall maintain control of the AAT dog at all times and shall not tether the AAT dog to any individual or object.

Supervision and Care of the AAT Dog

The visiting handler shall be solely responsible for the supervision and humane care of the AAT dog, including feeding, exercising, and cleaning up after the AAT dog while the dog is in a school building or on school property, shall not leave the AAT dog unsupervised or alone on school property at any time. The school district is not responsible for providing any care, supervision or assistance to the AAT dog.

Authorized Area(s)

The visiting handler shall ensure that the AAT dog has access to only such areas of the school buildings or properties that have been authorized by school district administrators.

Allergies and Aversions

The handler shall remove the AAT dog to a separate area as designated by the school administrator in such instances where any student or school employee who suffers dog allergies or aversions is present in an office hallway or classroom. The handler will meet with the Building Principal and School Nurse to discuss any expected allergies and steps that will be taken to limit, if necessary, an AAT dog's access to certain building areas.

Damages and Injuries

The visiting handler shall assume full responsibility and liability for any damage to school property or injury to district staff, students or others in the school caused by the AAT dog.

Exclusion or Removal from School District Property

An AAT dog may be excluded from school district property if a school administrator determines that (1) the handler does not have control of the AAT dog; (2) the AAT dog is not housebroken: (3) the AAT dog presents a direct and immediate threat to others in the school; or (4) the AAT dog's presence otherwise interferes with the educational program. The handler shall immediately remove his/her AAT dog from school property when instructed to do so by a school administrator,

Cross Reference: IMG Animals in Schools

IMGB Use of Animal- Assisted Therapy Dogs

IMGB-E Animal- Assisted Therapy Dogs Request

Adopted: June 12, 2019


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